Chit Chat with Ruhihutijufan AKA Ruhi

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I am born and brought up in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat in India..I am pure gujju and right now doing my bachelors..India-forums and me have shared great relation since 3 years....Tongue

     Starting my journey from october 2006..I was searching articles regarding Kumkum serial to know whether Hussain will be out of the show or not. Searching through google i opened India-forums for the first time..I got the news  that hussain will continue doing the show and i was really happy..I was totally new to India-forums and did not know that  one has to become a member to use it ..I was impressed by the discussion of the members regarding serial and also reading the previous articles posted in India-forums earlier...Initially  i did not know much but  at least once in a day i would open this site and  see the updates and other information..Slowly i came to know about  other sections,fan clubs,chat clubs etc etc..Even then i had not joined it  becauz i feared becoming member in any site..I remained as silent member for about 6 months..And then on March 9,2007..I  registered here and that was the first time i ever became member of any discussion or chat site becauz i trusted this site...

    Initially, i used to come only in  Kumkum section..but as time passed i came to know many other sections ie Bollywood section,Gossips,Chat clubs and also interviews with celebrities,Games and all..I became really  happy and was Satisifed. I could pass my time easily..I had become addicted to india-forums...Later i became so addicted that  i felt restless if i did not get to open India-forums once in a day..So atleast once i open India-forums even today  ..I came to know many many things about my favourite stars  and it is only India forums due to which i know  about my favourite Stars...Smile

    As i came in contact with other members..I became more friendly with them and all of them were very helpful .India-forums gave me some of the best Net friends i could have found ever...From newbie to senior member and then to Coolbie and i luved giving updates and also gave updates for few months.. The journey is fantastic and every moment is filled with memories..Teasing parties searching madly for videos..all r such moments which i cant forget...I also made lots of Good friends through my journey which inlcude  Nandini, Marium ,Shilpa, Nitya, Ekta, Ankita ,Resham ,Rahilla,Surakshita,Norzar...who were very helpful and are very dear to me now...Also i got few nick names  like AG , Dreaming girl,Seemo etc ...Embarrassed

   Another great section is of Avtar and signature shop..from where i came to learn about making sigges and avis and  video-mixes..I really enjoyed making sigges and all...I have taken tutions of this from my many friends ...Wink Making fan-fics and writing stories  with all imagination  was another funny part..Grilling members ie making member of the week was also fun.. Also many celebs r part of this forum and i am happy to interact with some of them like IIra soni, Snighda, Megha gupta ,Priya ahuja..Tongue

   India-forums has changed a lot since when i joined here. It has been aorund 2 and half years and it has changed a lot..It is all due to hard work of Vijay Sir and Admin department and DEV teamClap...Tellybuzz  section came which is very nice..and very attractive too..Its not very easy to deal with but Hats off to all of them working behind Tellybuzz...I really  enjoy reading articles and chit-chats..

    The next good thing which I-F has started is Blog section where all fans get chance to interect with their favourite celebrities and vice-versa...One thing i like about India-forums that whatever article of information they give about celebs  is true and to the point..Big smile

    I am really happy to be part of  India-forums and will try to be as much as i can..I would like to thank Vijay sir for starting this forum and India-forums has now become no 1 Discussion site...Clap India-forum has achieved tremondous growth always coming with new things and facilites..I am aure it will achieve more growth and all the more new facilites will be provided..I can see India-forums achieving more than what it is today and i am sure it will achieve..Smile.

                                                                                                                                                               Luv Ruhi...Embarrassed

Chit Chat with Anhdara13

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I joined India-Forums initially because I used to miss the episodes of Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki due to school and the updates were member-locked. So I created an account, just so I could catch up on my favourite shows. Sometime down the line, I commented on an analysis of Kis Desh, and therein began a long line of commenting on analyses and fanfictions.

Through this, I began my own fanfiction, and volunteered my (free) time for writing updates, considering the necessity of updates. Slowly, I became part of a community that has become a major part of my life. I've made friends whom, though I may never see face-to-face, have become a support system out of my family that I had sorely been lacking. A group of people who are allowed to see the ugly part of me, that I keep hidden, even from those closest to me, because they don't judge, but help me in anyway they can.

And even though I am no longer able to update for my favourite shows, I still visit the Forums daily, checking up on the latest news, updates and on my friends, because this has become my favourite place in cyberspace.


Chit Chat with Dilbagh (DramaholicVibes)

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Hello Blog Readers. I was born and brought up in England, London. I'm an only child. Both my parents are from India, Punjab. I've had a very fun-filled and pampered childhood. Other children always thought I was a little spoiled brat, which is infact not true. I've always thought of myself to be dedicated and motivated at things I push myself to do. I'm a very strong personality, little things don't harm me. My Motto is "You were born Original so don't die as a copy". I personally don't let people get into my way, and I am actually very independent. I understand the fact that, nobody remains with you at the end; you come and go on your own. I feel that is one reason I've never been attached with anything or anyone in my life so far.


I've done my schooling in London in a faith school. Currently I'm 16 Years old and am looking forward to starting my A levels in year 12 & 13. My Ideal Career Plan is to become a Pharmacist and to achieve this I'm going to have to work my backside off lol! I've had a great sense of passion for acting. It's been a one-off childhood dream and I've achieved many certificates and awards related to acting. I would like to become an actor. Like I mentioned before I'm never too attached with anything so therefore I understand that Bollywood or Hollywood is far more open and exposing compared to the Television Industry. Hopefully some day I'll try my Luck in English or Indian Television ;)


I admire Priyanka Chopra. She is far most the Kindest Hearted and dedicated person I've seen in Bollywood. I think she's a really grounded person who knows her roots and her self esteem. She's a person who has not lost herself into the fame which other Actors/Actresses have done after their first debut. Anyone who can't stand PC, I can't stand you LOL=)


I joined India-Forums back in February 2007. It was the 7th and I studying in Grade 9. I had come across India-Forums a lot but never really bothered to join. My reason for joining I-F was purely due to the show Prithviraj Chauhan which was flying with success on Star Plus. Damn, I was a huge fan of that show. I became addicted to the website since it gave me new friends and more information on the leads of the show. I was actually a very intense trouble maker back in the days. Ah, I would always end up fighting with some members whose routes were different from mine. Looking back at it, I feel it was immature but I was really young at the age so I let bygones be bygones.


Knowing my strong and aggressive personality (LOL), I hated Sly and Fake people, and therefore I couldn't stand people who posted with sugar-coated topics and indirect harm. I made many friends on the PRC Forum, but as time went by, all of them left India-Forums. The show started to suck and I too left the forum. I then moved out from PRC Forum and started visiting General Forums and made many friends there. I used to visit forums such as Kyunki and all those Saas Bahu's but never posted there as they were never my type.


I then moved into Dil Mil Gaye Forum and made a great some of friends there. As time went by, I become an addicted KaSh (Karan-Shilpa) fan. I've got over 4000 Images, Signatures, and Avatars of the couple of my computer. Over 300 Videos and Interviews are all stored in my PC LOL. I was quite upset and also furious when Shilpa Left, but then I was sure that she was better off. DMG started to become a waste for me so I lost half of my interest. Till day I watch DMG but it will never create the magic it created then.


During my time in DMG Forum, a forum opened up named "Jai Ma Durga" on Star Plus. It was a very inactive and dead section and therefore I started to handle the updates and tried to increase the activity in the forum. One day I was PMed by the CM of Star Plus informing me that I have been promoted as a viewbie for the show. I was on top of the world. As a normal member I was always excited and keen onto finding out what was in the "viewbie section" lol. Turned out when I was promoted there was nothing much in that section. It was like one of those massive stores e.g. John Lewis, everything looks so beautiful and appealing from the front but when you start working behind the shelves you see the other side which isn't so appealing lol. Jai Ma Durga remained inactive and eventually ended. I soon came across a new forum on Star One – Zara Nachke Dikha. I started organizing contests and kept the forum clean with important threads such as Mansions and Update Corners. I had a lovely and helpful GM on my side (Priya.Nair) who was very kind and caring towards the forum.


Later during the months, Miley Jab Hum Tum opened up on Star One and I started to help there. To my surprise one day, I received a PM from a GM informing me that I had been promoted for MJHT. I was very pleased since Jai Ma Durga never offered me the chance to actually show what I could do for I-F. Now with MJHT there was so much I could do since its member activity was very popular and active. I made lots of friends on the forum and enjoyed working with my fellow DT members.


I was then promoted for CFC Section and I made a good sum of friends there too. Couple of Months Back I was promoted as a crazy creative. I felt I had made a great progression during the course of my journey on I've seen old friends leave and new friends join. I've never let myself be attached to anyone on India-Forums since it's an online website and it's highly unlikely to meet any of your online friends who are on the other side of the world.


In my spare time I make Video mixes and also signatures & AVIS. You can find all my videomixes on my youtube Channel – I've always found it hard to mingle with Studies and Viewbieship, but I've ended up coping with it all. I'm enjoying my time on India-Forums and I want to thank everyone who has given me so much respect and honour to be apart of the Development Team.


I visit any forum I end up clicking on, but at the current moment I only visit MJHT, CFC, Viewbie Section & Creative Corner. I feel I've lost time and I've only been able to be dedicated to these 4 sections as they need my help LOL. I have seen India-Forums change for the good. I would like to thank the Admins and the Development Team for making I-F such a warm and pleasant place. We all have had our ups and downs on India-Forums with certain shows ending or members bashing etc, but at the end of the day, we are all a one big happy family, and with one member leaving it removes that extra little magic that we all feel when we log into


Now, I hope I haven't bored any of you with my boring journey. Also I've come to know members are afraid of me. LOL, I actually find it really amusing. I'm actually a normal person like you, so don't be afraid to talk to me ;) always up to becoming friends with you!


Dev Team of Miley Jab Hum Tum & Celebrity Fan Club//Crazy Creative 09

- Dilbagh as in DB (DramaholicVibes)

Happy Diwali & New Year!!!

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Happy Diwali & a very Prosperous New Year to all our India-Forums Members Smile. Diwali brings with it so many colors, lights, masti as well as hope. Its a new beginning with the hope that all our problems end and all our unfulfilled wishes finally come true. Diwali is also a time when those of us who are not with all our loved and dear ones really miss them a lot and realize the importance of being with those we love Smile.

But hasn't Diwali changed alot? It used to be about celebrating with our loved ones and enjoying the festivities. But these days its become so commercial. What do you all think?



P.S. It was really interesting to read what all of you had to say about love in my old blog and I thank you all for your views as I enjoy reading them!

Does Love Exist In This World?

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Hearing the news of one of the break up of one of the popular married celebrity jodis and watching recent reality shows like Perfect Bride makes me wonder that how many people believe me in true love?  I know I do for sure Smile But then wondering what about the rest of our generation out there?  Is it the attitude that 'tu nahi toh aur sahi?'.  I was always inspired by films like DDLJ and Dil To Pagal Hai so I believe that there is only one person out there for us but it seems like many people today have the mentality of shopping for their life partner.  What do you all think?
Is there only one person made out there for us?  And how do we find that person?  Is it by shopping around or do we know by instinct when we meet that person?  What do you think of this mentality of tu nahi toh aur sahi?  Does life and death exist in just loving one person anymore?

Looking forward to a healthy discussion and hearing your views Smile



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